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Matador Continues Mission to Democratize Investment Knowledge

Adding new social features that highlight community data establishes Matador as making investment an open sourced activity.

Today, we’ve released an updated version of Matador that includes many social features to further the experience of social and commission free investing. These features are designed to provide further insight into who you follow. In turn, you  gain a deeper understanding of both their investments and trading.

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Female Investors are Outperforming Their Male Colleagues

The Growing Presence of Women in Finance

For as long as investment has been a popular occupation, it has been ascribed a gender bias. When people think of Wall Street and stock investment, they think predominantly of men clad in suits on a trading floor or in a firm’s office. Popular culture only serves to emphasize this image with major motion picture releases and television shows about finance that feature men in the leading roles: Wolf of Wall Street, Boiler Room, and Billions, just to name a few.

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Matador’s Social Aspect Sets It Apart From The Rest

Matador, The First Ever, Commission-Free Social Investment App

When looking over the traditional brokerage landscape, one standout feature is a lack of transparency. Traditional firms, and even modern ones like Robinhood, fall short on this important aspect of investing.  From the moment n investor enters into the market through one of these platforms, they are hit with fees and/or overwhelmed with learning an entire industry in a short time without help or encouragement. This is especially the case with young investors.

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Matador, the First Commission Free Social Investment App, Launches on iOS

Matador Commission Free Trading Launch

For most novice investors, they enter into the industry with only a working knowledge of how the stock market operates. Like most things, expert understanding and advice is the most helpful tool to have at your disposal when undertaking a new endeavor. Particularly when it comes to finance, where the complex inner operations and high level of competition can leave even the most adaptable person in a state of confusion, being able to communicate with peers and professionals can be the key to success.

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WSJ Article on New York Tech Scene

Big Shout Out to Fueled - Matador’s Partner and Design Team

Here’s an interesting read on the New York tech scene that mentions one of our awesome partners, Fueled. Shout out to our friends in SoHo!

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